Quality of Nurse Leader for Magnet Hospital Perception by First-line Nurse Manager in Government Hospital


  • Uamphorn Chanhom -
  • Phecnoy Singchungchai
  • Supaporn Srifa
  • Wattanee Panjinda


First line Manager, Quality of Nursing Leadership, Magnet Hospital


The objective of this qualitative research was understand meaning and factors of Quality of Leadership to Magnet Hospital of first-line nurse managers in government hospital. The informants in the research were 12 first-line nurse managers with experiences in nursing information recruited Using in-depth interviews, 12 snowball selection technique. Data were analysis with Methodology Triangulation method. The study found that the meaning of Quality of Leadership to Magnet Hospital was attractive into five groups, which were 1) Characteristics of nurse leaders. Executives must have a vision. Operate with fairness, morality, and ethics. Develop oneself until being a good role model. 2) Organizational management have management principles that are fair and equal. 3) Service quality, have knowledge and ability to perform work according to standards. There is a strategy for solving the problem. have the ability to communicate Negotiation 4) Good Environmental Management in Operations 5) Progress and continuous professional development from this research, it is suggested that quality of leadership Important information about being an attractive Magnet hospital should be carefully selected. present attractive easy to understand and have appropriate communication channels It should also find ways to reduce the workload of nurses and recruit more personnel appropriately.


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