Sexual behavior and sexual partner change patterns in men who have sex with men in Bangkok.


  • Sineenart Chautrakarn
  • Waraporn Khumros
  • Supalak Phonphithak
  • Phanupong Phutrakool


Sexual behavior, Sexual behavior patterns, men who have sex with men


The current situation of HIV infection found that the epidemic was in the population of Transvestite or Lesbian are relatively constant but HIV infection is still prevalent in men who have sex with men (MSM). This research aims to examine sexual behavior and sexual partner change patterns in men who have sex with men in Bangkok. Data were collected from 431 MSM by a self-administered questionnaire. Participants were recruited by cross-sectional survey. Data were analyzed by using descriptive statistics. 

Result showed that the average age of the sample were in the late adolescence. Most have a bachelor's degree. Most sexual partners are regular partners. They usually don't drink alcohol or use drugs before having sex and used a condom during sex. Most of the sexual partners are only male. The pattern of changing sexual partners found that the sample group had a relatively large number of sexual partners. Most anal (receptive) sex patterns.

In conclusion, it is suggested that HIV prevention campaigns should be encouraged to focus on this particular risk group. To reduce the number of new infected people in Thailand and to end the AIDS problem in the country in the future. 


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