COMPUTER GAME: A Danger for Children and Adolescents that Parents should not be Overlook


  • Amornrat Karamee วิทยาลัยพยาบาลบรมราชชนนี ชลบุรี
  • Jurairat Watcharaach Boromarajonani College of Nursing, Chon Buri
  • Suntharee Rukkwamsuk Boromarajonani College of Nursing, Chon Buri



computer game, children and adolescents, games addiction


Computers are one of the advanced technology. Quickly in the social media era that everyone can easily access to online communities and plays an important role in the lifestyle of humans all ages, including children and adolescents. Especially, computer games have both advantages and disadvantages. Currently, in Thai children and adolescents found a high level of gaming and gaming addiction in Asia. The factors in playing the game consist of many factors, including: children, games, family, community and friends. Playing game has many effects on health, development, behavior, school, family and society. Other studies have shown that families are one of the important reasons for encouraging game addiction in children due to the parents having no time to look after their children, using games to raise children, misconception about games help promote educational skills, lack of common rules for playing games for children, lack of family activities causes children to become bored and turn to play games until eventually leading to addiction to the game. Therefore, computer games have harmful effects on Thai children and adolescents that parents and guardians should not overlook. Moreover, they should be aware of the protection and supervision of children and teenagers to play games properly and do not lead to game addiction.


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