Development of an Instrument for Patient Classification of the Trauma and Emergency Department of Phon Hospital, Khon Kaen Province

  • Kongthong Paisarn
  • Busara Kanchanabatr


The objective of this study was to development of an instrument for patient classifcation of the trauma and emergency department of Phon Hospital, Khon Kaen Province. The researcher implemented the development by studying the problem for patient classifcation, The target group included 11 professional nurses practicing of the trauma and emergency department, Phon Hospital, An instrument by classifying the kinds of patient based on severity of illness into 5 levels as: level 1: resuscitation, level 2: emergent, level 3: urgent, level 4: less urgent, level 5: non urgent. An instrument for patient classifcation were investigated the content validity by 8 experts and tried out at the emergency department, Phon Hospital with 30 patients. The reliability coeffcient overall average = 0.98. And the fndings of satisfaction survey of nurses who practiced in using an instrument for patient classifcation, found that the average scores of satisfaction it was in “high level” (x= 4.29, S.D. = 0.29). There were recommendations of this study that: Nursing administrators should have policy to bring an instrument patient classifcation of this study would be developed further in order to be an instrument for patient classifcation.


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