About the Journal

Journal of Nursing Science and Health is the scholarly nursing and health journal. It is a peer-reviewed journal with the high quality; therefore, every published articles have to pass at least 2 expert reviewers with double-blind review process.

ISSN 2822-1133 (Online)


  1. to publish academic articles, research articles, and other articles in relation to nursing and health
  2. to mediate the sharing of knowledge and experiences including academic, professional and health

Types of journal articles

          Original articles in this journal are research articles; research report; academic articles including nursing teaching-learning, knowledge, concept, nursing innovation development, nursing services and health clinics; review articles; systemic reviews; case report; miscellaneous and others.

Publication Frequency

  • No.1 January-March
  • No.2 April-June
  • No.3 July-September
  • No.4 October-December