Effects of Guided Imagery on Pain and Frequency of Medication Taking in Patients with Invasive Cervical Cancer

  • Monthida Sangrungake
  • Bumpenchit Sangchart


The purpose of this experimental research was to study effects of guided imagery on pain and frequency of medication  taking  in patients with  invasive cervical cancer. The subjects were cervical cancer patients stage IIIA-IVB in udornthani regional cancer center. Forty patients were purposively selected and simple random into an experimental group and a control group, with twenty patients in each group. The study used guided imagery as an intervention to relieve pain in each experimental group; patients who suffered acute pain and chronic pain from invasive cervical cancer. The control group received routine nursing care while the experimental groups listened to the CD provided to create imagery plus received routine nursing care. Data was analyzed by using Mann-Whitney U test. The results were as follow, The experimental group had statistically signifcant decreased pain score than the control group at the level of 0.05 and The experimental group had statistically signifcant lower frequency of medication taking than the control group at signifcance of 0.05


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