Development of a listening to music prayer program to reduce pain and promote spiritual well-being for older people with cancer receiving radiotherapy


  • Khanittha Duangphuithong Faculty of Nursing Khon Kean University
  • Ladawan Panpanit Faculty of Nursing, Khon Kaen University, Thailand


older people, cancer pain, radiotherapy, music prayer program, spiritual well-being


This study aimed to develop and conduct feasibility test of a listening to music prayer program to reduce pain and promote spiritual well-being for older people with cancer receiving radiotherapy. Two phases of the study were: the program development phase, which included review literature then develop the program based on literature review, and the program evaluation phase, which included content verification and feasibility test by three experts.  The developed program comprised three steps: 1) preparation step, including environment, patient, and program preparation; 2) listening to music prayer program step, which was listening to a music prayer record once a day for 30 minutes in the evening to before bed time five days a week for 2 weeks; and 3) evaluation step, which included measurement of pain and spiritual well-being. Content verification of the handbook for program and the program by three experts obtained content validity index (CVI) of 1.00 and 0.92, respectively. Feasibility test revealed that the program was clinical relevance, scientific merit, and implementation potential. The program should be used, and further study for examining effects of the program on pain and spiritual well-being in older people with cancer receiving radiotherapy as well as patients with other symptoms in similar contexts.


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