Investigation of Hemorrhagic Conjunctivitis Outbreak at Reserve Officer Training Cops Student Camp in Secondary school, Porncharoen District, Bueng Kan Province, 22ndAugust – 2ndSeptember 2014


  • ภมร ดรุณ Porncharoen hospital, Bueng Kan Province
  • ณรงค์วิทย์ ขุนพิจารย์ Porncharoen hospital, Bueng Kan Province
  • จุฑาทิพย์ ครองยุติ Porncharoen hospital, Bueng Kan Province


Acute Hemorrhagic, Hemorrhagic Conjunctivitis Outbreak


On 22ndAugust 2014, Porncharoen Hospital Epidemiology Team was notified that 4 Reserve Officer Training Cops Students at Secondary school, Porncharoen district were diagnosed Acute Hemorrhagic Conjunctivitis. (AHC) Investigation, control and prevention were conducted during 22ndAugust to 2ndSeptember 2014, in order to confirm an outbreak, determine etiology of disease and risk factors, prevention and control the transmission. The study design was Case-control study by interviewing all 45 patients with AHC compared with 62 students without AHC. Conjunctival swabs were collected for culture. Environmental survey was conducted and quality of water in bathtub was tested. A total of patients were 45. (Attack rate=5.87%) All patients had a symptom of conjunctival hyperaemia. (100%) Most of them were 16 years old. (53.33%) Most cases occurred on 26th August 2014. (8 cases) Building 1 was a lodging that most patients were found. (64.44%) The attack rate was highest at room number 122. (20%) The result of 6 conjunctival swabs culture was Coxsackievirus A24 and two-sample water quality test was no residual chlorine. The risk factors were close contact (OR=6.52, 95% CI=2.78-15.28) and sharing bathroom or sink with patients. (OR=5.80, 95% CI=2.41-13.94) Team conducted the control measure and disease prevention by absolute isolation of suspected cases from normal group. Health education was regularly performed for 10 days. No new cases were found.


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