Factors related with length of stay more than 8 hours at the Emergency Department of Bhumibol Adulyadej Hospital


  • Thamporn Thongphan
  • Chatchawal Chantaphet ศูนย์ปฏิบัติการแพทย์ทหารอากาศ กรมแพทย์ทหารอากาศ


Length of stay, Overcrowding, Emergency room


Background: Emergency department plays an important role in patient care. Time is very crucial in the ER. But in today setting, the department is faced with patient overcrowding which leads to other problems, such as patient congestion and decreased working efficiency, which can ultimately result in mistreatment. Since timing is very important, to study the factors that increase the time patients spend in ER can lead to better management and improve the quality of health services.

Aim:To study factors that cause the non-traumatic patients to spend more than 8 hours in the emergency room of BhumibolAdulyadej Hospital.

Methods:Patients will be classified into 2 groups of 500 each. One group consists of patients who had spent more than 8 hours, and another, equal to or less than 8 hours in the ER. The data will be collected via medical recordand statistical analysis will be performed by logistic regression

Results:Factors that cause non-traumatic patient to spend time more than 8 hours in the ER are: 1) Imaging study (OR 21.612 (95% CI 9.731,47.990), 2) Arrival time at 16.00-24.00 shifts (OR 2.831 (95% CI 1.670, 4.798), and 3) Specialist consultation (OR 21.699 (95% CI 7.300, 64.501)

Conclusion: Time spent for imaging study, arrival at evening shift (16.00-24.00), and specialist consultation are the leading causes that make the patients spent more than 8 hours in the ER at our institute. Future study should be done to address the specific issues in each factors in order to improve the healthcare system in the ER.


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