Comparisons of the performance of the medical command and control center between Hatyai hospital and local administrative organization


  • Preabdao Petcharat
  • Phummarin Saelim CDEM


Command and control center, Local administrative organization, Response time


Background and objective

Due to the Songkhla province’s medical command and control center had been relocated to the Songkhla provincial administrative organization since January 19th, 2016, we would like to study the important outcomes of the Songkhla province’s medical command and control center that was operated by Songkhla provincial administrative organization compared with that was previously operated by Hatyai hospital.


            This research was a retrospective cohort study gathering the information in December 2015 and 2016. The population was the patients who called for the emergency medical services in the Hatyai district, Songkhla province. We aimed to compare the response time, the appropriate triage rate, and the appropriate dispatch rate.


There were 2,263 patient’s records enrolled in this study. There was no statistically significant difference between the response time (≤ 8 minutes). However, the appropriate triage rate and dispatch rate from the Medical Command and Control Center in Hatyai hospital were higher than those in the Songkhla provincial administrative organization (86.50% and 79.07%, p-value <0.001), (61.17% and 56.65%, p-value = 0.031) respectively.


            The Relocating of the medical command and control center to Songkhla provincial administrative organization did not impact the response time. However, it showed negative impacts on the appropriate triage and dispatch rate.


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