A test of validity and reliability between the three-point marker detection software method and goniometry

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Pimonpan Taweekarn
Yodchai Boonprakob
Daraporn Sae-lee
Teekayu Plangkoon Johns
Supunnee Ungpansattawong
Somsak Ruammahasab


Craniovertebral angle (CV angle) and forward shoulder angle (FSP angle) assessments are reliable indicators for determine poor head and neck posture which resulting in chronic myofascial pain problem. There are many instruments that have been used for assessing head posture. However, several disadvantages existed from using these instruments e.g., high cost, time consuming, and most do not provide immediate results. We have developed a novel method using a computerized three-point marker detection to determine the reliability and validity of the tests.The purposes of this study were to investigate the agreement between Three-point Marker detection software method and goniometry, and to investigate intra-examiner reliability of a Three-point Marker detection software method. The standard angles of models were set and recorded by the first investigator. The second investigator then carried out the blinded measurement of the same angle with the novel method. Pearson’s correlation coefficient (r) was used for examination of the agreement and intra-class correlation coefficient (ICC) for intra examiner reliability test. The results showed that the degree of agreement between the novel method and conventional goniometry was high (r = 0.99, P = 0.001) while intra-examiner reliability showed a very high correlation (ICC = 0.99). The results obtained from the novel method showed a high level of similarities in comparison with goniometry as well as intra-examiner reliability.  Hence, this novel method may lead to develop for clinical assessment such as head and shoulder posture in the future.


Keywords:           Three-point marker detection software, Goniometry,  Angle

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Taweekarn P, Boonprakob Y, Sae-lee D, Plangkoon Johns T, Ungpansattawong S, Ruammahasab S. A test of validity and reliability between the three-point marker detection software method and goniometry. Arch AHS [Internet]. 2013 Sep. 7 [cited 2024 Apr. 19];25(2):172-80. Available from: https://he01.tci-thaijo.org/index.php/ams/article/view/66304
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