Nuclear proteins of hela cells: potential autoantigenic substrate for antinuclear antibodies screening

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Thiha Thway
Sucheewa Wongwai
Prinya Prasongdee
Chanvit Leelayuwat
Amonrat Jumnainsong


Antinuclear antibodies (ANA) are important in diagnosis and follow-up of patients with autoimmune conditions. The current increase in ANA requests is driven by broadening the use of ANA from a test for lupus to a test for diverse autoimmune diseases, but the standard method is protracted, cumbersome and prone to error. Therefore, simple and reliable testing are needed and autoantigen substrates are required for the development to capture the autoantibodies. This study evaluates the nuclear proteins of Hela cells (NP-HL) as screening marker for systemic autoimmune diseases. Reactivity of 38 ANA positive and 10 negative sera, against NP-HL was determined by western blotting. We demonstrated that NP-HL reacts with 37 ANA positive sera (97%), and without showing any reaction with negative ones. NP-HL was shown to have a diagnostic value as a screening marker for ANA and, therefore, is a suitable alternative substrate for a new antibody test. This research implies that the NP-HL provides a potential to be used as autoantigen substrate in the rapid testing to define ANA for screening of autoimmune diseases.

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Thway T, Wongwai S, Prasongdee P, Leelayuwat C, Jumnainsong A. Nuclear proteins of hela cells: potential autoantigenic substrate for antinuclear antibodies screening. Arch AHS [Internet]. 2023 Jul. 17 [cited 2024 May 28];35(2):12-8. Available from:
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