The immediate effect of Rungthip (RT) technique on lower limb neurodynamic in healthy young adults

  • Aurasa Saenno
  • Weerasak Tapanya
  • Daniel Sarutsirikuntara
  • Preeyaporn Thairattananon
  • Ploypiti Panthu
  • Torkamol Hunsawong
  • Rungthip Puntumetakul
Keywords: Massage, RT technique, Neurodynamic


This study aimed to determine the immediate effects of Rungthip (RT) technique on lower limb neurodynamic and changing of the hip flexion angle while the knee was straight in supine position that using the Straight Leg Raise (SLR) method. Sixty-six healthy participants were randomly allocated into two groups: RT technique group (n = 33) that received RT technique massage for 5 minutes and control group (n = 33) that received resting in supine for 5 minutes. The nerve tension was measured by the degree of SLR angle before and after procedure in both groups. The results found that RT technique group had starting tightness angle (P1) as 52.85 ± 17.79 degrees and maximum tightness angle (P2) as 70.98 ± 18.90 degrees which was significant increased (p < 0.05, effect size of P1 = 1.27 and P2 = 1.11) when compared with pre-treated that had P1 as 44.72 ± 17.03 degrees and P2as 64.12 ± 18.51 degree. When compared between groups, it found that the RT technique group had higher degree of SLR than control group significantly (p < 0.05, effect size of P1 = 0.52 and P2 = 0.67). In conclusion, the RT technique could decrease lower limb nerve tension in healthy adults.Massage


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