Assessment of Cancer Knowledge among Department of Medical Services Staffs


  • Pattama Ploysawang National Cancer Insitute , Thailand
  • Amornrut Joosawat สถาบันมะเร็งแห่งชาติ
  • Paphawin Jamsri
  • Parinda Pangmuang
  • Suleeporn Sangragrang


Public knowledge on cancer prevention and screening is important for the implementation of the National Cancer Control Program. This study aimed to evaluate the cancer knowledge among 231 Department of Medical Services (DMS) staff. A validated questionnaire was used to collect the data consisting of a demographic questionnaire and cancer knowledge assessment questionnaire, which was separated to 3 parts: 1) causes and risk factors, 2) signs and symptoms and 3) cancer prevention and screening. The results showed that 51.1, 52.4 and 64.9% of participants had high knowledge about causes and risk factors, signs   and symptoms and cancer prevention and screening, respectively. A total of 80.1% of participants identified tobacco smoking as cancer-causing agents, 80.1% recognized a change in bowel habit or rectal bleeding as a warning sign or symptom of colorectal cancer, and 88.7% believed that early detection of cancer could have an opportunity for successful treatment. Moreover, the study also revealed that 48.9% of participants were underwent screening and 51.1% were unscreened.This study provided a database of cancer knowledge among DMS staff. These data can be used to improve cancer knowledge and understanding for DMS staff which lead to promoting healthcare knowledge and raises more awareness of cancer prevention and screening in public.


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