Needs and Response of Service as perceived by their relative in the Intensive Care Unit at Krabi Hospital

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Girana Wijitsopa
Jittra Phukaoluan


          The purpose of this descriptive research was to explore needs and service as perceived sample consisted of 105 relative of patients in Intensive Care Unit at Krabi Hospital. The Critical Care Family Needs Inventory developed from Molter (1979) and Daley, Uraiporn Phongpatanawut (1989) Then Inventory developed and improved to the purpose this research. Content validity was established by Submitting the questionnaire to three clinical nursing expatriates. As to reliability, Cronbach alpha coefficient ALL at 0.07 level, The data was analyzed using the accidental sampling method. A set of questionnaires was utilized as a tool for data collection.
          Results of the study indicated Family are most important needs service information (gif.latex?\bar{x} =3.60, S.D=0.61). need to closed up the patient (gif.latex?\bar{x} =3.58, S.D=0.63). and to decrease anxiety ( gif.latex?\bar{x}=3.55, S.D=0.59). The study results relatives of parents, spouses and children Not the same to needs. The parents needs to closed up ( gif.latex?\bar{x}=3.55). The spouses and children needs receive information (gif.latex?\bar{x} =3.66). The majority of service as perceived, the parents and children perceived to decrease anxiety (gif.latex?\bar{x} =3.34,S.D=0.65). The spouses perceived information ( gif.latex?\bar{x}=3.24,S.D=0.75). The perceived less service in Intensive care Unit. The parents and spouses perceived less service for Support and ventilation (gif.latex?\bar{x} =2.86,S.D=0.95) children perceived less service for personal needs (gif.latex?\bar{x} =2.85,S.D=0.91). The researchers suggested that this results study to make for Guidelines of service are their needs ,to make good relationship between service providers and service recipients and help relative or patients family can adjusting and can live in a crisis.

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