Factors of Complications after tonsillectomy in Krabi Hospital

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Thoranit Limpakornkul


           Post-tonsillectomy hemorrhage is the most common serious complication following the operation and sometimes life threatening. The objective of this study was to determined the incidence,risk factors in patients underwent tonsillectomy (321 case totally) in Krabi Hospital from October 1st 2014 - September 30 th 2018. The result of study showed median age of patient was 17 years. Male : Female ratio was 1:1.1. The average weight of 41.00 kg .280 patients (87.20%) was not underlying disease. in the surgical indication from chronic tonsillitis (81.60 %), the size of the tonsils 3+ (72.30 %). 30 minutes of operative time, EBL= 10 cc. postoperative bleeding in grade 0 (88.20 %), pain score ≤ 5 (83.80%), length of stay is 3 day, no postoperative complications within 72 hours. The risk factors are body weight (p=0.024), time of operation (p=0.008), EBL(p=0.010) and use antihistamine (p=0.003) Therefore, proper treatment planning should be practiced when provide tonsillectomy in patients who presented with risk factors to achieve excellent treatment.

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