Health System Management in Border Provinces of Thailand : SuanPhueng Model


  • Chet Ratchadapunnathikul Mahidol University
  • Sarinya Phengsuk Mahidol University


Management, Health System, SuanPhueng Model


SuanPhueng Distract in Ratchaburi Province has Health System Management in the Border Province of Thailand aligned with the policy of Ministry of Public Health. It is the operation of Health System Management through District Health System: DHS, which is utilized by the pattern of health management, so-called Health Service Management (CUP Management), which is the center of the distribution of health resources. Moreover, the patterns and methods of District Health System have been integrated appropriately, depending on the context and problems of the border between Myanmar and Thailand, which comprises Thai citizens and migrants. Therefore, Health System Management In Border Provinces of Thailand : SuanPhueng Model is the method that truly focuses on the participation of all sections.


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