About the Journal

Focus and Scope

1. Disseminate Nursing Knowledge: The journal aims to disseminate nursing knowledge, academic advancements, and contemporary research findings to nurses, educators, academics, students, and the general public.

2. Support Nursing Practice: It provides nursing knowledge and educational content to training institutions and organizations related to healthcare education, both within and outside the Royal Thai Army Nursing Association.

3. Promote Scholarly Works: The journal encourages and creates a platform for the creation and dissemination of academic works for healthcare professionals, nurses, and students. It promotes new ideas and research.

4. Foster Networking: It serves as a platform to foster collaboration between educational institutions and healthcare organizations nationwide.

5. Report on Association Activities: The journal also reports on the activities of the Royal Thai Army Nursing Association.

Regarding the peer review process, all articles must undergo an external and internal review by qualified experts in nursing, each with a minimum of 3 reviewers. The review process follows a double-blind format.

The "Journal of The Royal Thai Army Nurses" is published three times a year, in January-April, May-August, and September-December.

The "Journal of The Royal Thai Army Nurses" follows an open access policy, meaning that its content is immediately available to the public without any restrictions. This approach supports the broader global exchange of knowledge and encourages the sharing of research findings, making them accessible to a wider audience.

The journal is sponsored by the Royal Thai Army Nurses Association, and you can contact them at the following address: 317/6 Rajavithi Road Rajathavee, Bangkok 10400, Thailand Tel: 08-1345-5771, 061-873-5559

Open Access Policy

This journal provides immediate open access to its content on the principle that making research freely available to the public supports a greater global exchange of knowledge.


ROYAL THAI ARMY NURSES ASSOCIATION 317/6 Rajavithi Road, Rajathavee, Bangkok 10400, Thailand : Tel 08-1345-5771, 061-873-5559 

Sources of Support

ROYAL THAI ARMY NURSES ASSOCIATION 317/6 Rajavithi Road, Rajathavee, Bangkok 10400, Thailand : Tel 08-1345-5771, 061-873-5559 

Journal History

- The journal was originally known as "วารสารพยาบาลกองทัพบก" and was established in 1982 (2525 in the Thai calendar).

- Its early focus was to collect and disseminate academic articles and research works of members of the Army Nurses Association at that time, serving as a medium for sharing information with its members.

- In 1991 (2534 in the Thai calendar), the 7th executive committee of the Army Nurses Association decided to formalize the association and register it according to legal requirements. The editorial team was led by Lieutenant Colonel Nanta Kessahom.

- Over the years, the journal underwent various improvements and developments to enhance its format and content.

- The editorial leadership has been taken on by different individuals over the years, and here are the notable editors for specific periods:

  - 1988: Lieutenant Colonel Sukhontrak Kalinpinij

  - 1989-1990: Lieutenant Colonel Sirimatsa Muttamara

  - 1991-1993: Lieutenant Colonel Ornan Hanayut

  - 1994-1996: Lieutenant Colonel Amnuaiporn Wongrak

  - 1996-1998: Lieutenant Colonel Lertlaksan Chiraphan

  - 1998-1999: Lieutenant Colonel Prani Wisetsri

  - 2000-2001: Lieutenant Colonel Panneepa Rakguson

  - 2002-2003: Lieutenant Colonel Benjamas Bunyapaiyap

  - 2003-2005: Lieutenant Colonel Saisamorn Chaloekittit

  - 2005-2006: Lieutenant Colonel Yupin Yosasee

  - 2006-2007: Lieutenant Colonel Benjalak Sasatuma

  - 2007-2011: Lieutenant Colonel Dr. Wallapa Bunyarat

  - 2012-2015: Lieutenant Colonel Dr. Saisamorn Chaloekittit

  - 2015-present: Associate Professor Lieutenant General Dr. Saisamorn Chaloekitti