Direction of Health Care in Pandemic of Corona Virus 2019 in New Normal of Community Nurses


  • Jintana Artsanthia Nursing faculty, Saint Louis College
  • Nanita Pitplearn Nursing faculty, Saint Louis College
  • Numpueng Prachyakoon Nursing faculty, Saint Louis College


Direction of Health care, New Normal, Corona virus 2019 (Covid19), Community Nurses


This academic article aim to propose the new direction health care in pandemic of Corona virus 2019 in New Normal of Community Nurses. Which is particularly different from the past. There are tremendous changes in these new normal circumstances that have directly affected to healthcare providers including nurse, family caregiver and patients. The need of proper adjustment to cope with the global COVID19 pandemic situation causes of the new direction of health care that community nurses need to require in manipulate with the change from traditional health system to online-based medical service, appropriately performs good self-management and develops more intellectual knowledge in order to promote physical and mental wellbeing, has accessible capability to select various reliable information and its valid sources, and be able to determine and evaluate suitably practical nursing trial and health literacy. The role of community nurse also gradually shifts from providing care for patients individually to apply telenursing for health consultation and finding medical solution that is consistent with appropriate behaviors of people including thinking, communicating, and practicing in this “New Normal” in both nurses and patients.


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