Factors Predicting for Learning Achievement in Community Health Nursing Practicum of Nursing Students at the Private University in Nakhon Ratchasima Province


  • Chakkrit Phukjit Faculty of Nursing, Vongchavalitkul University
  • Orapun Udomporn Faculty of Nursing, Vongchavalitkul University


Learning Achievement, Community Health Nursing Practicum, Nursing Student


The objectives of this research were to study the student factors, family factors, teaching and learning factors for predicting learning achievement in Community Health Nursing Practicum of Nursing Students at the Private University in Nakhon Ratchasima Province. The samples were 100 fourth year nursing students in academic year 2018 who was met the inclusion criteria for purposive sampling. The research instruments were the factors affecting learning achievement in community health nursing practice of nursing student questionnaires. The index of item objective congruence (IOC) was 0.67-1.00. The reliability of the questionnaire was 0.86. Data were analyzed by mean, standard deviation, Pearson’s Product Moment Correlation, and multiple regression analysis.

The research findings showed that the factors related to the learning achievement in Community Health Nursing of Nursing Students were the attention of the parents to the students during the practice, self-discipline, age, and motivation for learning achievement. The positive correlation with the students’ academic achievement was statistically significant at the .05 level (r = .253, .257, .263 and .432). The factors predicting for learning achievement in community health nursing practice of nursing students which statistically significant were age, achievement motivation in learning, and the attention of parents to students during the practice. These three factors were predicted the learning achievement of Community Health Nursing Students by up to 24.5 percent (p < .05).


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