Health Promotion Innovation for Patients with Chronic Illness in Community


  • Pimpaka Panyoyai College of Nursing and Health Sciences, University of Massachusetts
  • Pimpaka Panyoyai McCormick Faculty of Nursing, Payap University


Health promotion innovation, Community participation, Chronic disease, Diabetes, Hypertension


Health promotion innovation in nursing has been currently in high demand, especially health promotion innovation that influences individuals’ health improvement at community and country levels. As a health professional member, nurses have significant roles in improving health promotion at every level of healthcare, including primary, secondary, and tertiary care. Thus, nurses should be knowledgeable about innovation development process and utilize research to examine its effectiveness and efficiency. This article aims to provide nurses with the knowledge, including the meaning innovation, types of health promotion innovation, suggestions to develop health promotion innovation, and community participation in health promotion innovation for patients with diabetes and hypertension. The components that facilitate successful health promotion innovation development are also included. The authors gathered information from the literature review and direct experience. This article should be a well-established resource for nurses to develop health promotion innovation to serve community and society demands.


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