Repeat Pregnancy among Adolescent Mothers: The Risk Factors and The Impacts on Maternal and Child’s Health

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ปาริฉัตร อารยะจารุ
ขวัญใจ เพทายประกายเพชร
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According to the literatures, a repeat adolescent pregnancy is defined as a ‘teenage mother who becomes pregnant again while still an adolescent’ which is under 20 years old. Additionally, it also can be seen in various studies that a Rapid Repeat Pregnancy (RRP) can be categorized into a Repeat Pregnancy (RP), which means ‘pregnancy onset within 24 months of the previous pregnancy outcome’. This academic paper outlines what is currently known about the the risk factors and the Impacts of repeat pregnancy on maternal and child’s health amongst repeated adolescent mothers. This study will provide a descriptive of the risk factors and maternal and child’s health outcomes of repeat pregnancy among adolescent mothers which may contribute to improving the understanding of healthcare providers and may lead to developing appropriate intervention and support policies that attend to the needs of young mothers and more concern for their health.


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อารยะจารุป, เพทายประกายเพชรข, อ่วมเครืออ. Repeat Pregnancy among Adolescent Mothers: The Risk Factors and The Impacts on Maternal and Child’s Health. J Royal Thai Army Nurses [Internet]. 2019Dec.29 [cited 2020Feb.20];20(3):86-2. Available from:
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