The Practiced Guideline for Continuing Care of Pregnant Women with Preterm Labor


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Guideline, Preterm of labor, Continuing care


This study aims to developed and used practiced guideline for continuing care of pregnant women with preterm labor. The model of evidence base practice of Soukup was practiced guideline for searching related researches. These researches were synthesized in order to develop it. The sample is pregnant women with gestational age from 30 to 36 weeks. There are thirty pregnant women who were diagnosed with preterm labor at Labor Room, in Samutprakan Hospital. Data were analyzed using independent test. The results of the study revealed that: 1) The practiced guideline for continuing care of pregnant women with preterm labor was composed of three step. The first step was the risk assessment stage. The second step were nursing care in the labor room and discharge plan and the last step was continuous care. 2) The results of try out this guideline can be dirided three issues. 2.1) The first issues found that cognitive score of group using the guideline and the group using normal earning of this hospital not statically significant deference. 2.2) The group using the guideline had 20 percent of a recurrence rate and 33.3 percent of delivery. Group was normal earning of this hospital has 40 percent of a recurrence and 100 percent of delivery. 2.3) The group using the guideline had a higher mean gestational age at term delivery (38 weeks.) were statically significant 0.05 than the group using normal earning of this hospital (36 weeks.)


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