Satisfaction on the Library Information Technology Service of Users, Boromarajonani College Nursing, Bangkok


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information technology service, library, satisfaction


Library information technology (IT) services has become an integral part of the teaching and learning process in the nursing profession. This descriptive research was aimed to examine and compared the extent of satisfaction of the library information technology services. 248 stratified random samples were represented the College’s nursing science students, Year 1- 4, in the academic year of 2016, and lecturers. Demographic, service usage and satisfaction were collected by questionnaires. Cronbach’s alpha of reliability on satisfaction were 0.97. The statistics were analyzed t - test and ANOVA. The results found that the past 1 month, 1-5 time of service usage was 38.7% and service usage in the afternoon was 29.8%. Overall satisfaction was high level = 4.06 SD = 0.73, maximum score = 5). Library officials/service providers satisfaction was the highest level = 4.21 SD = 0.69). It also found that age groups and categories of users had significantly difference satisfaction, (P ‹ 0.01). The users aged ≥ 31 years ( = 233.57) and teacher ( = 231.14) had the highest mean score, respectively. Satisfaction score of 1st year students ( = 191.84) was also significantly difference lower than those of 2nd, 3rd, and 4th years, (P ‹ 0.05). This research suggested that, the library should strive to provide more service officials, computer work stations, book return station, medical and nursing textbooks, related journals, research papers, electronic media (VCD, DVD) materials, and online reference database. They should be made adequate, up-to-date, diverse, and provide special service for the 1st year students’ need as much as possible.


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