The immediate effect of massage combined with reflexology on the autonomic nervous system and blood circulation assessment in stressed volunteers

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Pariyapat Singthong
Warinee Sangprapai
Khamonchat Khunwongsa
Waraporn Jaiboon
Supaluk Komsopa
Taratorn Aussawatworachot


Background: When the body is stressed for a long time, oxidative stress can cause stress as a part of the disease or symptoms. Treatments include both medication and non-medication methods can be used to reduce stress.

Objectives: This research aimed to study the immediate effects of massage combined with reflexology to the autonomic nervous system and blood circulation assessment in stressed volunteers.

Methods: This study was a quasi-experimental research study. The volunteers were placed in to three groups consisting of 30 volunteers per group. The groups were:  the massage group, the massage combined with reflexology group, and the resting group.The meter rate heart rate variability (HRV), the Wilcoxon Matched-Pairs Signed Ranks Test and Kruskal Wallis Test were used in this study.

Results: When the data were compared before and after the experiment, the mean heart rate (Mean HRT), the Physical Stress Index (PSI) and the stress index decreased significantly (p=.000 p=.007 p=.002) in the massage group., The standard deviation of normal to normal beats (SDNN), the autonomic nervous system (ANS Activity), and the stress resistance significantly increased (p=.035, p=.026, and p=.039, respectively). The massage combined with the reflexology group showed that blood circulation assessment flow was significantly improved (p=.001).

Conclusions: Therefore, messages affect the autonomic nervous system causing stress to be reduced. Massages combined with reflexology signals can improve vascular blood circulation assessment flow.


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Singthong, P. . ., Sangprapai, W. . ., Khunwongsa, K. . ., Jaiboon, W., Komsopa, S. ., & Aussawatworachot, T. . (2021). The immediate effect of massage combined with reflexology on the autonomic nervous system and blood circulation assessment in stressed volunteers. HEALTH SCIENCE RESEARCH JOURNAL, 15(1), 70–80. Retrieved from
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