Nurses’ role in child sexual abuse

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Sexual abuse is one form of violence against children. It is may be done to satisfy the libido of the actor with the intention of sexual harassment against children or child prostitute. The incidence is increasing day by day. Sexual abuse in children affects their physical and mental conditions in both short and long term, resulting in severe social problems. Therefore, children who are sexually abused should be assisted and supervised immediately by people with knowledge and expertise.

In multidisciplinary teams dealing with the matter, nurses play an important role in caring for children being sexually abused (CSA). Ideally nurses are involved from the initial assessment, screening, taking history, referral to meet a doctor, helping the doctor to do physical examination, and cooperating with other multidisciplinary teams. It is important, that nurses are aware of this problem and that they follow the adequate nursing care process. If a nurse can properly care for a child who has been sexually abused, it will improve the process of helping and supporting these defenseless victims of sexual violence.



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