Stop Global Warming with Bioplastiscs


  • Phietoon Trivijitkasem Chulalongkorn University


          Today, the phrase “stop global warming” which refers to the environmental conservation by reducing the emission of greenhouse gas (GHG) and “go green” which refers to conservation of the world's natural resources through sustainable consumption. In doing so, the international 3R's rule must be followed: Reduce (use raw material as little as possible), Reuse (use the product again and again) and Recycle (convert used materials into new product).

          In logistics and supply chain management, the words “green logistics” and “green packaging” are also used. Big corporations that focus on their images, in particular, will have such a policy to show their social and environmental responsibilities. For example, Walmart has a campaign on packaging made of compostable bioplastics.

          Therefore, designing or preparing packaging to suit the global situation and trend cannot be overlooked, and there should be a good understanding of  bioplastic products, which come in  different types, including the compostable and the non-compostable ones, in order to compete in the world stage.


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