Patients with Major Depressive Disorder: Nurses’ Role in Promoting for Patients’ Self-Care

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Nantapuk Chanapan


Major Depressive Disorder is the leading cause of illness and disability worldwide. It can be diagnosed in any gender and at any age especially, in adults. The incidence of patients with the major depressive disorder continues to increase each year. This affects patients’ physical, emotional, and cognition as well as their behavior patterns moreover, this impacts families and society due to decreased ability of the patients in interacting with family members, resulting in misunderstanding, arguments, divorces,  and chance in social roles. The inability to leads to the government’s burden to take care of these patients. Psychiatric nurses play an important role in providing knowledge and information related to treatment, counseling with patients and families, serving as a collaborator in a multidisciplinary mental healthcare team, acting as a coordinator to communicate with patients' families, preparing patients for taking care of themselves when returning home, and live in the society, as well as providing advice to patients and families, promoting family’s understanding being able to by allowing the family to participate in the care and support patients, which is crucial in the patients’ recovery and the reduction in recurrent.

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