A Study of Work Safety Behavior of Professional Nurses, Government University Hospitals

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Chaweechat Chalok-kongthavorn
Kanyadar Prajusilpa


Purpose: This study were to study work safety behaviors and to compare work safety
behaviors classified by personal factors; position, work experience, safety training and the
work unit.
Design: A cross-sectional survey research.
Methods: The sample was 378 professional nurses at least 1 year of work experience in
government university hospitals. Research instrument was the work safety behaviors of
professional nurse. This questionnaire was tested for the content validity and reliability.
The Cronbach’s alpha coefficients of work safety behaviors of professional nurse was .98.
Statistical methods used for data analysis was frequency, percentage, t-test and Anova.
Findings: 1) The work safety behaviors of professional nurses Government University was
at the high level (X–
= 4.18, SD = 0.49). 2) Work safety behaviors of professional nurses
government university hospital revealed that different position, work experience. Safety
training and the work unit had significant difference in work safety behaviors at .05.
Conclusion: Nursing administrators should promote work safety behaviors of professional


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