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              The purpose of this descriptive research was to study the clients’ perception followed by service marketing mix strategies: product, price, place, promotion, people, physical evidence, process, and overall aspects of the out-patient department of medicine, Police General Hospital. Clients had 5 groups composed of police officer, self-pay, government officer, social security and universal coverage. The convenience sample included 381 persons at the out-patient department of medicine, Police General Hospital. The research instruments were questionnaires (45 items) developed by the researcher. The indices of item objective congruence (IOC) were .8-1.0, and Cronbach's alpha coefficient was .97. Data were analyzed by percentage, mean, and standard deviation.

              The results showed that: 1) Hospital service perception followed by marketing mix strategies of clients in the out-patient department of medicine all 7 parts was at a high level (M=3.89, SD=.57). The physical evidence showed the highest mean score (M=4.17, SD=.62), followed by people (M=4.14, SD=.61), product (M=3.99, SD=.66), process (M=3.87, SD=.79), place (M=3.84, SD=.70), price (M=3.83, SD=.66), and promotion (M=3.50, SD=.79), respectively. 2) Hospital service perception followed by marketing mix strategies of 5 groups of clients in the out-patient department of medicine revealed that the groups of police officer and universal coverage had the high level of mean score of all 7 parts ; product (M=3.98, SD=.70 and M=4.12, SD=.68), price (M=4.01, SD=.65 and M=3.86, SD=.72), place (M=3.91, SD=.67 and M=3.98, SD=.66), promotion (M=3.58, SD=.88 and M=3.55, SD=.81) people (M=4.23, SD=.64 and M=4.14, SD=.60), physical evidence (M=4.30, SD=.54 and M=4.24, SD=.60), and process (M=3.76, SD=.81 and M=3.83, SD=.89), respectively. The groups of self-pay, government officer, and social security had the high level of mean score of all parts except the part of promotion had the moderate level of mean score (M=3.49, SD=.76; M=3.46, SD=.80, and M=3.41, SD=.60, respectively).


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