Effectiveness of the Development Competency Program among Elderly Care Worker for Elderly Care in Community


  • Panita Krongyuth Sirindhorn College of Public Health, Ubon Ratchathani


This quasi-experimental design aimed to develop a competency program for care workers to take care elderly in community and to examine the effect of development competency program of care workers for caring of the elderly in the community. A total of 54 care workers interested in the training program was recruited into the study. The development competency program was developed from the empowerment concept conducting into 3 phases; phase 1 educational program related to elderly care in community; phase 2 practical in community; and phases 3 evaluation effect of the program. Data were collected 3 times; before participations in the program, 1 week after completing the program and after 1 month follow-up. The research instruments were questionnaires. Descriptive statistic and One-Way ANOVA Repeated Measurement were employed for data analysis.

The results of this study revealed that care workers had knowledge, attitudes and skill in development competency program of care worker for caring the elderly in community higher than before participated in the development competency program significantly different (p-value <0.05). Therefore, the development of competency program of care worker enhanced the ability for taking care elderly. Finally, elderly can have a good quality of life in the future.


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