Factors Affecting Participation By the Elderly in Healthcare Community Networks, Suphanburi Province


  • Akom Phosuwan Boromarajonani College of Nursing, Suphanburi, Institute, Thailand
  • Supaporn Voraroon Boromarajonani College of Nursing, Suphanburi, Praboromarajchanok Institute, Thailand
  • Ratana Sangsawangchot Assistant District Health Officer at Sriprachan District Health Office, Suphanburi, Thailand


Elderly, Self-care, Participation, Community health network


              Health care management for the elderly in the community requires proactive participation through a network that emphasizes self-care.

               The research aimed to determine the predictive power of the following: 1) older people's self-care, 2) family support, 3) community and health organization support, and 4) favorable policy and environment support in predicting participation in healthcare networks among the elderly in Suphanburi province, Thailand.  The sample was composed of 402 older people, and the research instrumentation consisted of questionnaires developed by the researcher based on the Innovative Care for Chronic Conditions theory (ICCC). Descriptive statistics and multiple regression analysis analyzed quantitative data.

               Findings show that community and healthcare organization and positive policy-environment support co-predicted the dependent variable, participation in healthcare networks by the older people, with statistical significance at .01 with a predictive coefficient of .221 and a 22.10 percent fluctuation of involvement in healthcare networks by the elderly.

            Research suggests that community networks of healthcare partners should be involved in elderly care and should explore strategies to address elders' needs and health problems. Policies that support community health care for the aged should be established. These can lead to solutions and greater cooperation of all ages to participate in community network activities.


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