Effectiveness of a Mental Health Promotion Program for Self-care Behavior of the Elderly in Pathumthani Province, Thailand


  • Pusadee Choocheep Faculty of Nursing in Pathumthani University


The Elderly, Mental Health Promotion Program, Self-care Behaviours


              Older adults who develop depression have many health problems. In the past, treatments alone were unsuccessful in reducing depression. Mental health promotion efforts must be taken simultaneously with treatment. In the past, there were few mental health promotion programs. These programs are essential to reduce mental health problems. This quasi-experimental research aimed to examine the effectiveness of a mental health promotion program of self-care behavior for the elderly. Study subjects were older adults at the Elderly Social Welfare Development Center, Pathumthani Province. The sample comprised 60 subjects divided into two groups: an experimental and a control group of 30 subjects. The experiment's duration was 12 weeks. The researcher-developed study consisted of 1) the mental health promotion program and 2) a mental health questionnaire of self-care behaviors of the elderly. The content validity of the instruments was 0.95 and 0.85, respectively, and the reliability of the mental health self-care behavior questionnaire was 0.75 using Cronbach's Alpha Coefficient. The data were analyzed using paired and independent t-tests.

            The results revealed that 1) the average scores of the mental health self-care behaviors in the elderly of the experimental group after the experiment was higher than before participating in the program at a statistical significance of .05 and 2) The average scores of mental health self-care behaviors of the elderly between the experimental and the control groups after participating in the program were statistically significant at .05

            Findings suggest that health care providers responsible for elderly care should use mental health promotion activities, with nursing staff planning such care. In addition, elderly self-care should incorporate multiple means of strengthening mental health in supporting elderly health needs.


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