Relationship between Satisfaction of Employer and Perceived Competencies of Professional Nurse Graduated, Kasem Bundit University

  • Kanokwan Silpakampises Faculty of Nursing, Kasem Bundit University
  • Pragai Jirojanakul Faculty of Nurse, Kasem Bundit University
  • Nitibodee Sukjaroen Research Center, Kasem Bundit University
Keywords: Competency, Satisfaction, Perceived


                The institutes need to follow up their graduates' competencies according to labor market expectations. The objectives were 1) to study the self-perception and the employer's satisfaction of nurse graduates' professional competencies 2) to study the relationship of employer's satisfaction and self-perception of those nurse graduates. The population is nurses who 1st graduated edition and their employers (Direct supervisor). The questionnaires 50 items and five-rating-scale are sent and returned by mail from 15th January – 1st March 2020. The samples are the 25 dual-set were analyzed by Pearson's correlation coefficient.

            The research results are Competency 1, Ethics, professional codes of ethics, and laws is the highest score. The investigation on the relationships of employers' satisfaction and self-perception of those nurse graduates showed that the only aspect of ethics, professional codes of ethics, and laws (p = .05).

            The suggestions are the outstanding competency on ethics, professional codes of ethics, and laws should be promoted amongst current students to realize, to proud and to maintain. In contrast, academic and research competency is the lowest, should be developed by creating teaching and learning experiences that will enhance self-learning. Furthermore, the nurse who had low competencies scores should develop to standard score by individual instructional design.


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