Relationships between Work Environment and Professional Nu rses’ Stress of Prasat Neurological Institute


  • Maleewan Panthong
  • Suwanna Anusanti
  • Porntip Keyuranon


Stress, Work environment, Professional nurse


Stress has been effected to illness, work efficiency and resignation of professional
nurses in the hospitals. These were impacted to nurses staffing for nursing service. The
factors were related nurses’ stress were work environments. This survey research aimed to
examine the relationships between work environment and professional nursesstress. The
samples were 98 professional nurses working in Inpatient department of Prasat
Neurological Institute, selected by simple random sampling. The research instruments
consisted of work environment questionnaire and professional nurses’ stress questionnaire.
The content validity of work environment questionnaire was tested by the Indexes of itemobjective congruence (IOC) was 0.83.and Cronbach’s alpha coefficients of work
environment questionnaire was 0.78. The data were analyzed by using frequencies,
percentage, mean, standard deviation and Pearson’s product moment correlation.
The major findings were as follows: Professional nurses’ stress was a moderate
level. An overall work environment was at a good level. Social work environment and
physical work environment were at good level which the social work environment was the
highest score, followed by physical work environment, and organizational work
environment was at fair level. Organizational work environment had a statistically
significant positive relationships with professional nurses’ stress at p<0.01 (r = 0.212).
Physical work environment and social work environment were not related to professional
nurses’ stress. This research suggested that nursing managers should do the job
analysis,improving work environments by using Healthy workplace,and encourage
everyone to participation and professional nurses’ stress monitoring.


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