Experiences in Acute Pain Management of School-Aged Children by Families : Case Study in Roi-Et Hospital, Roi-Et Province

  • นัฏฐพร พรหมบุตร
  • ดารุณี จงอุดมการณ์


The study was aimed to explore NortheasternThailand parentsû experiences and pain management oftheir childrenûs pain. The key informants were 13parents or primary caregivers and 13 children, aged 6to 12 years who were admitted to the Roiet hospital.Qualitative methods such as observation, in-depthinterviews, and field notes were carried out during Julyto November 2007, and the data was analyzed by usingcontent analysis. The followings were findings: Theyfelt that acute pain was suffering and reluctant to confront with. Being in pain was also given their lessonslearned.  It was noted that the family caregiverscontributed to pain assessment by identifying the childûssymptoms of crying, restlessness, silence, and rubbingon their pain areas. In addition, the families helped toalleviate childrenûs pain by several methods includingteaching them to be patient, rubbing, and asking forpain-killers. Self-treat by traditional healing for painusually sought before western medical attention. Theseresults will be useful for and contribute to family-centered care improvement in child pain managementin future.


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