Health practices for Hypertensive Prevention and Control Among Members of the Elderly Health Promotion and Rehabilitation Center

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Hypertension is a common illness amongelderly. Hypertensive prevention and control emphasizeon health behavior. This descriptive study aimed toexamine health behavior for hypertensive preventionand control of members of the Elderly HealthPromotion and Rehabilitation Center. The 100 elderlymembers were recruited to be the samples by purposivesampling. The data was collected using the instrumentcomposed of 1) Demographic and HypertensiveHistory Data Sheet and 2) Health Behavior forHypertensive Prevention and Control Questionnaire.The content validity was tested by 3 experts. Thecronbachûs alpha coefficient of health behavior forhypertensive prevention and control questionnaire was0.85. The data were analyzed using descriptivestatistics.The results revealed that the total score of healthbehavior for hypertensive prevention and control ofthe sample was at a high level (X = 3.14, SD= 0.58). The health behavior related to smoking,drinking, exercise, emotional control, diet, health carewere at a high level, whereas the health behavior relatedto caffeine and weight control were at a moderatelevel.This finding could contribute to create theactivities to increase health behavior for hypertensiveprevention and control and to develop the healthpromotion service for elderly population in community.


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