Effect of an Infant Massage Training Program on Knowledge of Caregivers


  • พัชรี วรกิจพูนผล
  • พิมพาภรณ์ กลั่นกลิ่น
  • กรกฎ เห็นแสงวิไล
  • อาทิตย์ พวงมะลิ


training program, massage, infant, knowledge, caregiver


Massage is a fascinating manner to promoteinfantûs health in both of physiology and psychosocial paradigm. Massage also promotes bondingrelationship between the person who appliesthe massage and the infant. The massage will beeffective and benefit if the caregiver gains essentialknowledge, understands and awards the importanceof baby massage. This quasi-experimental researchaimed to compare the effect of educational packageof caregivers at the kindergarten center, Facultyof Nursing, Chiang Mai University. The educationalpackage consisted of massage booklet, CD and massageworkshop by specialist. Thirteen caregivers participatedin the study. Research tools were booklet and CD,medical infant model, form for recoding personaldata and questionnaires for evaluating caregiverknowledge, satisfies level and comments. Bookletand questionnaires were evaluated for its contentvalidity by 3 experts. The content validity indexof the questionnaires was 0.84 to 0.86, and obtainedthe KR -20 coefficient of 0.74. The result of this research demonstrated thatthe mean score of baby massage knowledge aftercompletion of the evaluation package improvedstatistically than the commencement of the program(p = 0.001). The result from the caregiversû interviewalso demonstrated that they satisfied because theygained more confidence for performing baby massageand improves the new knowledge. Furthermore,the caregivers in the research project could also becomeçtraining to the traineré for parents who were interestedin the baby massage. This study indicates thatthe educational package of caregivers at the kindergartencenter, Faculty of Nursing, Chiang Mai Universitycan improve caregiversû knowledge and confidenceon baby massage.


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