Continuum holistic care for Chronic Illness Children at Home


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The objectives of this action research wereto investigate general situations, problems, andrequirements of family and community in providingcare for chronic illness children at home and to developa home-based care pattern for chronic illness children.This study was divided into two phrases. The earlystage was to explore current situations and conditioninfluencing the care, and the later was to developa care pattern under the principle that the patientûsparents play a leading role through supports fromthe care team and its community. The key informantsof this study included 20 parents or caregiverswith chronic illness children and 2 child patients andthe secondary ones were community leaders, villagehealth care volunteers  and nurses, totally 10 subjects.The data were collected through group discussionthree times and through in-dept interview once.The data collection took four months. The data were analyzed and expressed through frequencyand percentage. And, to gain qualitative data,content analysis was done.It was revealed from the study that  the mostof  patients with asthma and  cerebral palsy. Accordingto situational analysis, parents lacked knowledgein care giving and did not know how to searchfor other supporting sources. The factors influencingcare giving for the chronic illness children coveredperception of severity of the disease, insufficiencyof document and media on the disease and inadequacyin supports from the health care team and other relatedagencies. Therefore, the researchers developeda care pattern.  The pattern included establishinga group for village health care volunteer to providecare for chronic illness children, providingthe necessary knowledge for those related with thiscare, home visiting with village health care volunteersand community leaders, organizing trainings toprovide necessary knowledge for the related agenciesand establishing chronic illness children club.


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