Quality of life in the elderly with diabetes mellitus

  • จินตนา สุวิทวัส
  • เนตรชนก แก้วจันทา


The purpose of this study was to assessthe quality of life of the elderly attending in diabeticclinic, PCU Nonmuange and to determine therelationships between demographic, socio-economic,health factors and quality of life of these people.The subjects of this study were 76 elderly with diabetesmellitus, selected by simple random samplingtechnique. Research struments used for collectingdata were a interviews which were developed by theresearcher to gather data related to  demographic,socio-economic, health factors and quality of lifeof the elderly. Statistical methods used to analyzedata were the percentage, mean, standard deviationand Chi-square tests. The  results showed thatthe quality of life of the elderly was in the good level.There was significant relationship betweencomplication from diabetes mellitus and quality oflife of the elderly.(p-value=0.03). According tothis study, we recommend that nurse should advisethe elderly with diabetes mellitus about their diseasefor protect complication and good quality of life.


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