The Relationships between Self-Esteem, Marital Relation- ship, Social Support, and Psychological Well-being in First-time Pregnant Adolescents

  • นุชจรี อิ่มมาก
  • Pakvilai Srisaeng
  • สุพรรณี สุ่มเล็ก


The purpose of this descriptive study wasto examine the relationships between self-esteem,marital relationship, social support, and psychologicalwell-being in first-time pregnant adolescents.The sample composed of 115 pregnant women agedbetween 13 to 19 years who attended antenatal clinicat Khon Kaen Hospital from April to July, 2008.Data were collected using Demographic data,Rosenbergûs self-esteem scale, Marital relationshipscale, Multidimensional scale of perceived socialsupport, and Psychological well-being scale.Frequency and percentage, mean and median, Pearsonproduct-moment correlation, and partial correlationwere employed for data analysis. The results revealedthat when controlling for demographic backgroundincluding age, education, type of family, income,planning of pregnancy and gestational age; self esteem,marital relationship and social support were moderatelyrelated to psychological well-being at 0.01 level(r = 0.414, 0.480 and 0.436, respectively). Antenatalcare nurse should encourage spouse and familyinvolvement to promote psychological well-beingof the pregnant adolescents.


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