Role development of Mental Health and Psychiatric Nurses for Managing the Metabolic Syndrome in Persons with Mental Disorders


  • Choochart Wong-Anuchit


metabolic syndrome, advanced nursing practice, mental health and psychiatric nurses


Advanced mental health and psychiatric nursing practice is one of nursing area which is important forcaring metal health and psychiatric patients, especially metabolic syndrome (MetS) in persons with mentaldisorders. Recently, this health issue may be overlooked from health care professions. Both of insulin resistanceand central or abdominal obesity are considered significant factors of it. Incidence and prevalence are variedrelated to basic personal factors and diagnosis criteria inferential. This syndrome has been acknowledged aschallenging issue for mental health and psychiatric nurses because being one cause of death in psychiatricpatients. Therefore, the details in this article are presented for encouraging mental health team to recognize itsimportance as well as propose guideline to develop the roles of advanced mental health and psychiatric nurses byusing scopes and competencies which providing by the Thai Nursing Council.




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