The Effect of Using Pillow Support on Peak Expiratory Flow Rate in Post Operative Open Heart Surgery Patient


  • Supakarn Khonchalard
  • Sopida Tadpinit


pillow support, peak expiratory flow rate, post operative open heart surgery patient


The purpose of this experimental research was to study the effect of used pillow support on peak expiratoryflow rate in post operative open heart surgery patient.The  purposive sample consisted of patient who underwentopen heart surgery at Queen Sirikit Heart Center of the Northeast Khon Kaen University. The first 15 patientswere the experimental group they use pillow support and the other 12 patients were the control group they usegeneral pillow or blanket. The instruments consisted of pillow support, peak flow meter EN 13862 that usedmeasure peak expiratory flow rate (PEFR), demographic data questionnaire, patient recorder and opinionsregarding and PEFR recorder. The results were Pre and post operation PEFR were not significantly difference,at the 0.05 level. Although pillow support does not have effect on PEFR but patients have satisfaction on pillowsupport because it can help supporting median sternotomy that help does not pain when mobilization.




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