Gender Sensitive Care for People With Disabilities: Nursing Students Perspective


  • Boonsurb Sosome
  • Kamolin Wanachatisara
  • Worawit Chaipornjaroensri
  • Sujintana Punkla


gender sensitivity, people with disabilities, nursing student


This study aimed to describe the meaning of gender sensitive care for people with disabilities from†nursingstudents perspective. A qualitative study was employed among 49 nursing students in Boromarajonani Collegeof Nursing, Phraputtabaht, Saraburi Province. Data were†collected†through; focus group discussion, portfolio,and observation. Thematic analysis was used for analyzing data.  The finding revealed that majority of studentsperceived that the care for people with disabilities both male and female were the same. However, differencebetween male and female care dues to the physiological difference. The minority of students known thatdifferent care between male and female based on the difference of gender role and gender stereotype.The results suggested that subjects in the nursing curriculum were inadequate to obtain the competencies ofgender sensitive care. The recommendations of research were gender perspective both theory and practice shouldbe integrated in the nursing curriculum.


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Sosome B, Wanachatisara K, Chaipornjaroensri W, Punkla S. Gender Sensitive Care for People With Disabilities: Nursing Students Perspective. JNSH [Internet]. 2012 Mar. 15 [cited 2022 Oct. 4];33(3):69-76. Available from: