Perception of Family Health Care Function among Woman with Hypertension at Atsamart Hospital, Roi ET Province.

  • Rattanaporn Srisarakham
  • Saovakon Virasiri


This descriptive research aimed to study perception regarding family health care function among womenwith hypertension at Atsamart Hospital, Roi ET Province. The sample was obtained through a systemic samplingtechnique that consisted of 200 women with hypertension who attending the hospitalûs Hypertension Clinic.The study instrument developed by the researcher was interviewing forms which consisted of demographic data and family health function questions. Cronbachûs coefficient alpha was 0.91 Results were as follows:  Overallfamily health care functioning scores of women with hypertension were at the lowest level (X = 60.95, S.D. =0.506). Family health care functioning regarding each subscales of family function; it was low scores in foodcontrol (X =11.86 SD 0.31) and in activity and exercise (X= 10.11 SD 0.47). It was high score in riskcontrol (X= 9.62 SD 0.52) and medication taking (X= 8.32 SD 0.66), illness treatment support (X= 5.0 SD0.15) and family economy (X 4.39 SD 0.45), and it was moderate scores in stress management and moralesupport (X 11.65 SD 0.95).


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