Perception of Coronary Heart Disease among I-Saan Women, Ubonrachathani context


  • Supian Pokathip


coronary heart disease, I-saan women, gender, perception


This pilot study using qualitative research aimed at exploring gender perceptions of coronary heartdisease (CHD) among I-Saan women in Ubonrachathani the ni  Province. Fifty-one women (the mean age was50.9 years old), both  with and without risks of  CHD group, were purposive sampling as key informants. Focusgroup discussion, in-depth interviews, and non participant observation were employed for data collection. Datawere analyzed by content analysis. Finding of the study revealed that I-Saan womenûs health was influenced bygender roles among I-Saan culture. Perceptions of CHD were perceived in 3 main issues. First, CHD was athreatening disease and was a burden for themselves and family. Second, several conditions were perceived asthe risks of the disease including palpitation, obesity, hyperlipidemia, hypertension and stress. Third, preventionsof CHD were diet control and stress management which included chanting, dancing, cooking, and chatting with friends. However, smoking and drinking were also recognized as stress reduction methods. Appropriate interventionsfor prevention of CHD from health care providers should concern about these issues.


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