Child-Rearing During Adolescence in Issan Family


  • Pulsuk Siripul
  • Pimpa Sutra
  • Darunee Jongudomkarn
  • Supattana Sakdisthanont


child-rearing, adolescents, Issan family, mother roles, father roles


This descriptive research aimed to study family roles regarding their family structures and functions inchild-rearing during adolescence. The samples were 220 guardians of adolescents. Multistage sampling wasused to randomly selected participants. Structural interviews, using family roles in child-rearing during adolescencequestionnaire, developed from Erikson child development theory, 22 questions with reliability (Cronbachûsalpha coefficient) of .71 and 11 open-ended questions, were used for data collecting.  The data were analyzedby descriptive statistics and content analysis. The results revealed that mothers were the key person for takingcare of adolescents, in terms of teaching discipline, and planning for their studies and futures. The father and themother played integrated roles in setting and regulating family rules, coaching the child behaviors, and punishingthem for proper behaviors. Regarding to the family structure, fathers were on the position of highest familyhierarchy who made decision on a large amount of money spending. As a housewife role, mothers kept their roles on taking care of the following family house chores: rules setting, family income keeper, and health careproviders for the family members. Parents helped each other to earn a living, and cope with daily familyproblems basis. Nevertheless, parents rarely communicated with their children on sexuality information, did notallow them to take part in solving family problems, and had less activities with them during weekend. Finally,nurses who in charge of the families with adolescent stage should enhance family awareness of their specificfamily developmental tasks; enhance maternal competency on child-rearing and approaching adolescents; andraise father roles in helping with the mothers to keep family task roles and support adolescent developmentaldemands, such as providing sexuality information and increasing adolescentsû participation in familyûs activities.




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