Health Profile of Hospitalized Older Presons in A Community Hospital


  • Wimol Wongnoo
  • Pongpan Aroonsang


health profile, health in older persons, community hospital


This descriptive study aimed to describe the health profile of 209 hospitalized older persons in a communityhospital, In Buriram province. Using data collected, Standard questionnaire and assessment tool. The data wereanalyzed using descriptive statistics, statistical analysis program in social sciences (SPSS). The result showedthat the older persons are young-old age, middle-aged and old-old age tip percentage 42.1, 40.2 and 17.7,respectively, physical health of the older persons in terms of perceived health status is moderate percentage50.2, Chronic disease identity of 80 percent is state dependence in the performance of daily living 18.2percent. Mental health of older with 29.3 percent of depression is 24.2 percent of dementia. Social and healthfound that older than 80 percent are receiving care, psychosocial support of children.


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