The Development of Womenûs Health Services for Breast Healthcare


  • Ratanaporn Pongprajuc
  • Sununta Tacho
  • Shayanis Chobarunsitti
  • Boonsurb Sosome


breast cancer, breast healthcare, gender, action research


This action research was conducted to develop womenûs health services for breast health care in Phraputhabathospital, Saraburi Province, during the period July 2006 - June 2010. Results from the situational analysisphase showed that nurses lacked knowledge of breast health care and lacked gender awareness. This causedwomen, whose breast mass, to have a delayed detection of breast cancer.  Furthermore, nurse practitionerslacked clinical practice guidelines to improve standards of care for patients with breast cancer. Therefore, theprocess of developing included 3 phases. The first was provided an educational program for nurses, the secondwas constructed standards for care and built health services networks, and lastly was developed sustainablehealth care services.

The outcome of this health service development found that women who found breast tumors, increasinglyearly detection, and reduced the size of symptomatic tumors.  Furthermore, the outcome of this researchestablished one stop services with gender sensitive care for breast cancer screening.  The clinical tracer wasconstructed by a multidisciplinary team, along with continuing care and social support groups for care patientswith breast cancer in the community, proved to be highly effective.


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