The Development of Caring Network to Prevent Iron Deficiency Anemia in Pregnant Women


  • Pranee Theerasopon
  • Supisara Worakort


iron deficiency anemia, pregnancy, caring network


This study was action research aimed to develop caring network to prevent iron deficiency anemia inpregnant women. The participants were 3 nurses who are responsible for maternal and child health, 1 head ofpublic health of Local Administration, 79 health care volunteers, 38 pregnant women, 119 women of reproductiveage, 2 teachers and 34 female students in junior high school. The study was conducted at Chanpen Sub-district,Taongoi District, Sakonnakorn province during August 2009- July 2010.The result of the study revealed that the network development process consisted of health informationmanagement and communication, network search, learning process exchange and connecting people to workaccording to the mission of each network. Furthermore the caring activities used to prevent anemia had bothroutine and new activities covering the prevention before getting pregnant and during pregnant.The lesson pointed out that nurseûs role is as a key host rolling as a manager and coordinator to use theinformation and social capital and connect them to have cooperation under a clear mission role. In addition, aprocess of health learning exchange will help to develop caring network continuously and sustainably. Thedevelopment will be a model network of care in other health issues.


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